You should go see ‘Rulers of the Universe’ at Toronto Fringe

June 17, 2014 in Comedy, Ontario, Toronto by Justin Beach


I’ll be the first to admit that Toronto has too many sketch troops. If there was a tax on sketch comedy, Rob Ford could build a subway to his cottage. If sketch troops were banned, traffic congestion would immediately end. Personally, I blame Second City for it.

With that said, the law of averages says that if you put 100,000 sketch troops on 100,000 stages for 100,000 shows – some of them are bound to be funny.

Rulers of the Universe are some funny people. It may be genetic, it may be training and it may be that all of their stuff is written by that dog on the couch but whatever the reason they have talent and you should go see them.

I’ve just learned that Rulers of the Universe are making it extra easy for you with a show at the Toronto Fringe Festival with “Rulers of the Universe: A Love Story“. The poster is below, along with a video to give you a taste of their style (though it is not from the Fringe show, which the dog is still polishing.)