Everybody’s Talking About Julie Fader

September 28, 2009 in Uncategorized by Justin Beach

Back on Step. 3 I told you about Julie Fader’s new album. I told you that I don’t really do reviews – but that rather than take my word for the awesomeness of this album that “Sarah Harmer, Holy Fuck, the Great Lake Swimmers, Cuff the Duke, Bob Wiseman, Ron Sexsmith, Justin Rutledge, Matt Barber, Jill Barber, Dan Mangan, By Divine Right, A Northern Chorus, Chad Van Gaalen, Attack in Black, Hey Rosetta!, Apostle of Hustle and others will be in line to buy the album so, if the respect of other musicians, a whole lot of other musicians, means anything to you Outside In is an album that should be firmly on your radar.” If you weren’t convinced and wanted to wait for the word to come in from the people that do reviews the results are rolling in in a way that rarely happens for a first album in it’s first month.

Julie has a great interview up on Blog T.O.

“I have never sought out or auditioned for a gig or anything. The people I play with at this point in my life are all people I love, and who I am a big fan of already. They asked, and I said yes.”

and another one up on Maximum Fun:

“CB: After years of playing with bands your career is about to shift focus. How does working as a support player in a band compare to stepping out on your own?

JF: I thinks it’s equally as exciting and probably a lot more pressure on me, if I want to make it pressure. I don’t know. I’m not releasing a record so that people’s focus shifts on to me or anything. I’m releasing a record because I’ve been chipping away at it for quite some time, and it’s recorded, done, and there’s artwork for it. I don’t think it will be a huge difference. I think I have to relearn how to speak into a microphone, which is not really my favorite thing. One thing I really like as a support player is that I don’t have to say anything. I don’t have to explain how a song was written. I just have to do my thing.”

And yet another one in Eye Weekly and another at the Text of Young America.

She has solid reviews in Herohill:

“For a debut record, the diversity and consistency she offers is surprising. You can’t help but think some of producer/boyfriend Graham Walsh (Of Holy Fuck fame) influence helped shape the dynamic and powerful Skin and Bones, but even if you strip the songs down to her picked guitar and voice, the record never suffers from a lag or even a misstep. That’s because Fader is so honest in her approach that even the saddest thoughts are given the gentlest, warmest touch to help them feel human, instead of cold, sterile and solitary.”

Another in Quick Before it Melts:

“Outside In is the kind of album you swear you’ve heard somewhere else before. Like a city that’s instantly familiar even though you have never visited it before, Outside In induces déjà vu-like in the listener as they travel down musical routes that remind you of roads previously taken, like how “Skin and Bones” reminds me of Julie Doiron. But, where Julie F. and Julie D. differ is the path they choose to take: where Doiron’s songs are rickety, threadbare arrangements, Fader layers her songs like warm pullovers over plaid flannel shirts. With each new addition, the songs seem to radiate warmth and beg you to curl up with them and snuggle…I would hate for the public to dismiss this LP as being the product of Fader’s collaborations and guest performers, as opposed to being very much her own work. Sure, she’s got an impressive list of players, but that’s telling you just how highly regarded her own talent is. That familiarity I mentioned before? I think it comes from the strength and conviction Fader presents in these songs. She’s delivered a fully formed and mature sounding album, which seems to be very rare in debut albums these days. I’m loving this one.”

And Altsounds:

“OUTSIDE IN is a sonically gorgeous, multi-layered record full of warm textures and heartfelt sentiment. Julie Fader is here to tell you first hand that you are not alone.”

Plus a few mentions at Exclaim, CBC Radio 3 and a nod on rhizomicon!

So, the early results are in and the verdict is pretty universal. Go get the album on Hand Drawn Dracula or Zunior or just pick it up at the merch table when you go see Julie on tour with Library Voices and In-Flight Safety.

09.27.09 – Vancouver BC Media Club w/ In-Flight Safety
09.28.09 – Kelowna BC Habitat w/ In-Flight Safety
09.30.09 – Canmore BC Communitea w/ In-Flight Safety
10.01.09 – Montreal PQ O Patro Vys – Hand Drawn Dracula showcase // Pop Montreal
10.02.09 – Edmonton AB Flow w/ In-Flight Safety
10.04.09 – Lethbridge AB Henotic w/ In-Flight Safety
10.08.09 – Regina SK The Exchange // playing in Chad VanGaalen band
10.09.09 – Winnipeg MB Park Theatre // playing in Chad VanGaalen band
10.10.09 – Saskatoon SK Broadway Theatre // playing in Chad VanGaalen band
10.14.09 – Victoria BC Alix Goolden Theatre // playing in Chad VanGaalen band
10.15.09 – Vancouver BC The Rio Theatre // playing in Chad VanGaalen band
10.16.09 – Kelowna BC The Habitat // playing in Chad VanGaalen band
10.18.09 – Edmonton AB Myer Horowitz Theatre // playing in Chad VanGaalen band
10.20.09 – Petit Campus Montreal PQ w/ In-Flight Safety
10.21.09 – Kingston ON Mansion w/ In-Flight Safety
10.22.09 – Halifax NS Seahorse – Hand Drawn Dracula showcase // Halifax Pop Explosion \
10.27.09 – Hamilton ON Casbah w/ In-Flight Safety
10.28.09 – Guelph ON E Bar w/ In-Flight Safety
10.29.09 – Toronto ON El Mocambo w/ In-Flight Safety
10.30.09 – Ottawa ON Live Lounge w/ In-Flight Safety

Oh, and on the off chance Ms. Fader is reading this herself (I don’t have your talent, it’s just an image and the links won’t work)