The 2011 Vancouver Folk Music Festival starts today!

July 15, 2011 in Uncategorized by AlexOfAnders

The Canadian music festival season is already in full swing and for us Vancouverites that means it’s time for the Vancouver Folk Music Festival and it starts tonight at 5:00p. This year boasts a packed line-up of great Canadian artists and once again Brenda Lee and myself will be in attendance to keep you abreast of what’s happening at on Jericho Beach and give you the rundown after the fact.

I am happy to report the fine people at 100.5 the Peak are sponsoring Stage 3 @ Sundown all three nights this year starting with Feet and Fiddle Express from 5:00p till 8:30p. For me, this Friday night is all about the Joel Plaskett Emergency and I know my compartiate feels likewise. I’d advise getting there as early as you can and staking a claim on some good real estate in front of the main stage with a blanket (or piece of fabric) even if you’re planning hit Stage 3 beforehand.

After a night of great music you may ask yourself “Is it worth it to get there for 10am? Why don’t I roll out for the first concert I’m interested in, let’s say Wendy McNeil at 11:15a. That’s an extra hour or so of sleep!” To that I say grab a coffee and get yourself out right for the start. Aside from getting a sweet spot for the evening stage of your choice, you’d be surprised how great some of those workshops can be. My money is on Fresh Folkus with Imaginary Cities, Samantha Crain & Emily Wells on Stage 5. Imaginary Cities have been gaining a lot of steam since their debut album earlier this year and for good reason. They’ve got a lot of good songs with a strong vocal lead and catchy melodies. If you’re in the city for lunch on Friday, stop by the CBC building and you’ll catch them playing one of the CBC’s free concerts at noon.

For both Saturday and Sunday evening I’ll be parked at Stage 3 for the great line-ups the Peak has sponsored. Starting with Danny Michel, The Burning Hell, Buck 65 and Elliott Brood. This stage plus the Emergency the night before makes the festival already worthwhile but there’s still the Jim Bryson & the Weakerthans Band, Kathryn Calder and C.R. Avery the next night.

Looking for the Schedules? Here’s some quick links to the VFMF site.
Full schedule (pdf)
Saturday Daytime
Sunday Daytime
Evening Concerts

I hope I’ve given you plenty of reasons to come out and there’s still tickets available. See you out there and don’t forget your blanket.
– AlexOfAnders