Introducing Toronto Public Broadcasting

May 28, 2012 in New Media, Ontario, Toronto by Justin Beach

In 2009 I launched because, I felt, Canadian artists were not getting sufficient coverage in the Canadian media. Rather than just do my own, personal, blog I invited Canadian music fans, artists, publicists, promoters and anyone else with .02 to add to contribute. Now in its 4th year, with more than 250 contributors across Canada and beyond I am launching a new project. Partially bolstered by the success of NxEW, I have announced stage 1 of Toronto Public Broadcasting.

The full plan can be read here or downloaded here (in PDF format), the basic idea though is to create a hyper local, online only public broadcaster. It would feature a news site, streaming radio, podcasts (audio and video) and live (audio and/or video) stream events with a focus on news, arts and culture in Toronto. Rather than seek government funding Toronto Public Broadcasting would rely on donations from the community.

While this is a Toronto project, it would also serve as a model for other communities that felt that there was insufficient local coverage, or that the local coverage provided did not do an adequate job of covering their community.

If you are interested in the project, please follow along at and/or on Facebook or Twitter.