NXNE 2012 Review: Hooded Fang @ The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern, June 14

June 15, 2012 in Music, Ontario, Toronto, Uncategorized by Andrew_Horan

Hooded Fang’s Daniel Lee during their kind of, “Meh!” set.

The minor technical difficulties that informed Toronto’s Hooded Fang’s soundcheck came back to haunt them in the form of squalling feedback about mid-way through their merely adequate set.

By the time they hit the stage, the venue was packed. Frontman Daniel Lee took the time to thank the audience and jokingly said that they were David Bowie.

The band’s set was made up of the short punk-style numbers for plus more straight forward indie rock-sounding songs they’re known, they even brought a Brit-Pop/Shoegaze feel to one song and took the chance to unveil a new one.

One of the biggest complaints was with how murky the sound was at times. It got worse the further you got from the stage and any attempts to make out the between song banter were impossible. And admittedly, a couple songs sounded a like. One was either two separate songs or one long one, it was hard to tell.

The audience didn’t seem to mind and even took a cue from Ben Caplan’s set and got up on stage to dance at one point.

When bassist April Aliermo polled the crowd to see if they wanted a slow or fast song, fast won out and they capped a gig that can best be described as alright with a down and dirty number that gradually faded out.