NXNE 2012 Review: Hellauya @ Sneaky Dee’s, June 15

June 16, 2012 in Music, Ontario, Toronto by Andrew_Horan

Hellauya rip it up at Sneak’s.

Toronto’s Hellauya took to the stage to cold, clinical dialogue comparing music to sex.

It was indicative of the band’s music. But, it wasn’t gentle lovemaking, this was the intense, dirty type of sex that you have and feel slightly ashamed of yourself for afterwards.

At one point, their frontman actually came down onto the floor to lay on the floor and scream unintelligible lyrics. The use of samples brought an almost industrial feel to the band’s post-hardcore.

Their singer kept calling out the band’s name like he was an evil preacher. They ripped through a couple blistering numbers before taking things down a notch for a song that was still as intense with their frontman climbing onto the speakers.

The closest he came to being intelligible was a spoken word interlude during one song. But aside from that, he stuck to formulaic Cookie Monster/screamed vocals, especially during a metal-tinged song.

When he came down onto the floor towards the end of the set, security came forward and he quickly returned to the stage. The sizable crowd was right into it and the area in front of the stage was completely rammed.