NXNE 2012 Review: Little Foot Long Foot @ The Bovine Sex Club, June 16

June 17, 2012 in Music, Ontario, Toronto by Andrew_Horan

Little Foot Long Foot’s Joan Smith rocks the crowd at The Bovine Sex Club

Toronto’s Little Foot Long Foot showed no signs of fatigue after playing the second of two shows in one day.

They had played a sun-soaked gig on a rooftop in Kensington Market for T.O. publicity company Slapback Media earlier in the afternoon.

The band brought the same energy they’re known for but it was somewhat hampered by a drunk jackass who joined them on stage to dance shirtless. Despite security trying to get him off stage, they seemed to tolerate his presence, though singer Joan Smith was becoming noticeably exasperated as the set progressed. They said it was the first time they had, had a dancing boy on stage and compared him to Justin Bieber, asking if he accepted dollar bills.

Surprisingly, drummer Issac Klein didn’t seem to object to him hitting the cymbals during one song.

While his presence and a couple equally drunk girls dancing at the front was incredibly distracting, they still put on an absolutely blistering set, proving why they’re one of the bands to watch in Toronto. They played the down and dirty, not to mention loud, blues rock they’re known for, they also brought a grungey feel to one song.

Smith showed why she’s one of the best singers in Toronto, striking classic guitar poses and just plain rocking the hell out of the capacity venue.

They closed their set with a blues number that had a couple false starts and saw organist Caitlin Dacey hunched over her instrument.