Paper Bag Records Announces New Signings

June 28, 2012 in Montreal, Music, Quebec by Andrew_Horan

Moonface promo image

Paper Bag Records has just announced the addition of three Montreal artists to its’ roster; Moonface (Pictured), Tim Hecker and The Luyas.

All three artists are presently working on new music with The Luyas slated to release a new album later this year and Hecker and Moonface are both scheduled to release new albums in early 2013.

Hecker won a Juno Award for Best Canadian Electronic Music Album for his 2011 effort Ravedeath, 1972. He was also on the long list for the 2011 Polaris Prize. His music combines both organic and digital elements to create a hybrid that recalls, “electronic abstraction and psychedelic American minimalism.”

The Luyas were also on the long list for the 2011 Polaris Prize for their debut album To Beautiful To Work. The retro-futurist brings a unique sound to their music courtesy of singer/guitarist Jessie Stein’s instrument The Moodswinger, a 12-string zither designed by Dutch experimental luthier Yuri Landman.

Moonface is probably the best known new addition to Paper Bag, it’s the latest project from Spencer Krug, formerly of Wolf Parade and Sunset Rubdown. Krug credits working on Moonface for helping him to rediscover his love of home recording.