It’s A Fine Time For Fine Times To Release Debut

August 1, 2012 in British Columbia, Music, Vancouver by Andrew_Horan

Vancouver’s Fine Times have announced that they will release their self-titled debut via Light Organ Records on September 18.

The band came together with the intention of being as nimble as possible after Matthew Moldowan and Jeffrey Josiah Powell’s previous project called it a day in 2010. Within a year, they were in the studio with producer Howard Redekopp (Tegan and Sara/The New Pornographers) working on the album. For a preview, head here to give the track ‘Hey Judas’ a listen.

When the opportunity to work with the busy Redekopp presented itself, the pair jumped on it.

“We scrambled. It really happened all of sudden,” Moldowan said in a statement. Even though Redekopp brought his trademark vintage synths to Moldowan and Powell’s pop sound, Moldowan said he couldn’t resist bringing hooks to the album’s 11 tracks.

“I have a short attention span so if a record doesn’t catch me in the first listen or two, I probably won’t put it back on the record player,” he said.

Check out the track listing below;

1. “Strays”

2. “Hey Judas”

3. “High Brow Low Times”

4. “Television Tel Aviv”

5. “And It Happened At Midnight”

6. “Lions”

7. “Calico”

8. “Hungry Siamese”

9. “Bright Lights”

10. “Into The Mechanarium”

11. “Super Controller”