New Maylee Todd Album in April

February 6, 2013 in Music, Ontario, Toronto by Justin Beach

I got a press release today about a new Maylee Todd album. It had the usual press releasy stuff. There were references to past success, places where her music has been played. The truth is though that the press release could have been done with a tweet – “New Maylee Todd album April 4 is all I need to hear.

Maylee has some of the best pipes in Toronto and knows how to use them. She does R&B, soul and funk with a spirit and confidence that few can match in this era of watered down, whiney, auto-tuned music that some people like to call soul.

So more Maylee Todd can only mean good things for 2013, no need to sell it more than that. As long as I’m on the subject though, you should follow @MayleeTodd on Twitter and ‘Like’ her on Facebook.