New Video: Bob Wiseman – ‘Neil Young At The Junos’

May 1, 2013 in Music, Ontario, Toronto by Justin Beach

Bob Wiseman is one of my favorite Torontonians. He was a founding member of Blue Rodeo, a founding member of Blocks Recording Club, an original member of the Hidden Cameras, a long list of collaborations with an impressive list of musical artists and comics and a catalogue of solo work that dates back to 1988.

His latest album ‘Giulietta Masina at the Oscars Crying’ will likely end up on my Polaris Music Prize ballot this year. The video below ‘Neil Young At the Junos’ is from that album, which you can listen to in its entirety on Bandcamp.

Read more about the ‘process’ behind the video on Bob’s blog:

“Let me get this straight, someone escapes from an insane asylum with a Neil Young cut out and spends the day with the cut out around Toronto. That’s your idea?”

Neil Young At The Junos from bob wiseman on Vimeo.