Help NxEW Help You (and Your Band, Movie, Book, Play, Gallery etc)

August 12, 2013 in Admin by Justin Beach

NxEW launched in 2008 in response to a simple problem: Canadian music wasn’t getting enough coverage in Canada. In 2012 we opened the door to arts, media and culture generally (including film, television, theatre, literature, new media, visual and performance arts.)

The solution to the problem was a simple one: Allow Canadians to talk about what they liked and what was going on around them. The rise of blogging and social media meant that you no longer had to be a professional critic and sometimes the opinions of a fan carries greater weight than the opinion of a paid columnist.

There were, and are, a lot of blogs around but NxEW was going to be a group blog (on steroids), allowing people from all over the country to share their opinions with the world. Since 2008 we’ve had more than 300 contributors and currently have a social media following of somewhere between 15-20,000 (all platforms combined, with some people following on more than one.)

All of Canada was, and is, invited to participate and share. If NxEW hasn’t covered your band, or film or book etc. chances are it’s your fault, or your fans fault. Our contributors all have lives. A few are writers or journalists of some type but most work in other areas, or are going to school or both. They have families and kids and (literally) hundreds of press releases a week get sent to us.

We also have no money to hire anyone. NxEW runs entirely on donations, which are usually just about enough to cover web hosting. We do not accept advertising because the goal is not to be a commercial enterprise. In other words, we want people to write about things they love because they love them, not because they are being paid to (and yes, we’ve been offered payola.)

The rules for participation are few: Write about what you like, not what you don’t. Write when you have time, as often or seldom as you choose. Nothing is assigned, there are no deadlines and no one edits your work. You write it, push publish and it automatically goes to the site and out to our friends and fans on Twitter, Facebook and now Tumblr as well. A more detailed explanation (if you need it) can be found here.

We don’t even have conflict of interest rules. We don’t want you to review your own CD/movie/book but you can still tell us about it, announce tour dates, screenings etc. because really, it makes no difference who posts it if it’s all fact. You’re also welcome to post links to more info, your Twitter feed or whatever else you have (it’s absolutely recommended).

So contribute, or send friends and fans to contribute and help NxEW help you. Also feel free to send along suggestions about how we can do better. The email address is