Reasons To Call Toronto Electrical Services To Install Three Prong Outlets

Reasons To Call Toronto Electrical Services To Install Three Prong Outlets

You have seen two-prong and three-prong outlets and probably you don’t know which one to use and why. If you have a two-prong outlet, it is a bad idea to try to saw or remove the third prong in a plug to use it in a two-prong outlet. There is a reason why three-prong outlets and plugs have become popular today. You should hire Toronto electrical services to replace the two prong outlets and plugs with three prong ones.

Two-prong plugs and outlets have two wires. There is one hot wire and the second one is the neutral wire. A three-prong outlet or plug has the hot wire, neutral wire, and ground wire meaning that it is safer than the two-prong outlet or plug in. If there are unexpected bursts of electricity current, it doesn’t get into your body or that of the pet. The ground wire directs that excess current elsewhere usually the ground or earth. Without the ground wire connection available in the plug or outlet, it would mean that any wild current will go anywhere. It can go to your body causing injury or even death, or it can go to the electrical devices causing extensive damage.

If you resident in a modern home, you have the three prong outlets because they became standard in late 1960s. Many homes being build today have three prong outlets. However, for older homes, things may be different and what you may find are the two prong outlets. There are adapters designed to convert your two prong outlets so that they fit the three-prong plugs, however, that is only a quick fix that comes with some dangers. The ground wire isn’t there for fun, it is a safety component so if you are using the cheater plugs, it means you are bypassing that important part of the outlet thus creating potential hazards. The right thing to do is to have the outlets upgraded so that they contain three prong features.

You may consider another alternative, which is having ground-fault circuit interrupter outlets or GFCIs. Having GFCIs allows them to shut off if there is risk of electrical shock, however, again, they may not be able to protect the equipment when there is a surge. When you have GFCIs, you may not need to have ground wires in the outlets, however, this leaves your sensitive equipment or electronics at risk of burning out from surges or abnormal electrical currents.

GFCIs may be a cheaper option when you trade-off them with ground wire, but you are putting your electronics at risk of damage. You can seek professional help of electricians to see which options you have to safeguard your home if you have two-prong plugs and outlets.

With help of Toronto electrical services you will be able to protect your home. The electricians will examine the safety issues within the existing electrical system and see if you need to have any upgrades including grounding the outlets. Other things such as outlet covers will be checked and if need be, they are installed.electrical services

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